DMCC Polished

Each of our branches has the necessary knowledge about polishing, the types of machines and techniques, the different polishing pastes, etc. Together, we ensure that every polish is finished to the desired result.

We not only strive for an extreme shine, but also for a surface that is as scratch-free as possible. In addition, we can restore the gloss as well as the paint by means of paint correction. Of course, a car that has been taken care of needs to be protected in the right way. This can be done by a wax, a wax is always standard included in the treatment, this protection is however for a short period of time. A long-term paint protection or coating is definitely recommended (DMCC Car Shields).

Every step in the process of washing, clay, polishing (in several steps) and preparing the vehicle must be carried out with the utmost care in order to achieve a high-quality end result.

We do NOT use fillers to fill wax scratches, because they lose their grip on the paint within 6 months and all previous scratches come back.

We ALWAYS guarantee the use of the best and most paint-friendly cleaning products. Our degreasers, polishers, washing shampoo and wheel rim cleaners all add value to the final result of the paint. That's a great investment, isn't it!

Let's see together what we mean for your car.

In detail: 

  • Cleaning rims with a PH-neutral rim cleaner 
  • Pre-cleaning the vehicle with active soap
  • Decontamination of the car/lacquer 
  • Claying of the paint 
  • Foaming whole car 
  • Hand washing of the entire car with the 2-bucket method 
  • Drying with compressed air or soft towels 
  • Grease with specially designed lacquer degreasers
  • Multi-step polishing (1, 2, 3 or 4) 
  • Re-lacquering the paint 
  • Protect (wax or DMCC Car Shields ) 
  • Sanding of paint (Optional)

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