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Cleaning the interior is a delicate process in which precision and the use of the right products and working method are essential. 

Within our field there are 2 types of interior cleaning: The cleaning of a fabric interior and the cleaning of a leather interior. 


Fabrics Interior

When we clean a fabric interior the focus is on removing stains in fabric seats, intensive vacuuming and ensuring a fresh and pleasant fragrance. In order to guarantee quality and satisfaction, we use specific machines suitable for injecting water into the seats and then taking it back in. This allows us to remove all visible and invisible dirt from the seats, carpets and others. For other parts, we use steam cleaners or powerful cleaning agents that are harmless to people and the environment.

Leather Interior 

When cleaning leather interiors, we adapt our method, because extraction cleaning is not possible here. The right type of brushes and leather products are used to clean, feed and protect the leather. Leather protection is one of the many advantages to maintain a long-lasting aesthetic quality appearance of the interior. The leather is less likely to crack or break and will feel softer. 


Both a fabric and a leather interior can be protected for a long time by means of a seal/coating. These products are designed to guarantee the water repellency and permanent feeding of the protected parts, so they also prevent stains.

Possibilities in detail

  • Intensive vacuuming of the interior
  • Leather treatment 
  • Steam cleaning interior
  • Deeply clean interior 
  • Odour removal 
  • Removal of stains on Dashboard 
  • Dusting interior 
  • ....

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